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I wish I would have seen this before we bought. Same issue, same outcome: Bought a "show car" 2015 RZR 4 1000 with only "300 miles on it " and have had nothing but issues from dead battery, bad belt, broken clutch to every accessory they put on was not adjusted or tested Tried to call and they didnt call me back.

Got it fixed by someone else. Finally spoke to nephew and received a check for $300 towards my $1500 in repairs. Now my spare tire holder broke on my second ride, took it to them, they welded on a new one however they didnt check if it would fit, had to have them remake the holder to fit. Talked to several other dealers and they all say stay away.

I guess I should have done my homework. And yes it was used, but by the owner and put together by the owners nephew.

Should have stayed away !!! Here is the list within one month I had to deal with: check engine light on right after got home fixed at home: new belt added battery dead after one use took to shop: Found: had to replace battery also second battery dead wiring to battery and front fuse panel not done correctly so battery was receiving draw when vehicle was off, had to rewire all of the aftermarket items found front light bar comes on with low beam headlights, rewire to come on with high beams rear whips on all the time when paid for switch and wiring, had to rewire to new switch up front vehicle wont go over 52 mph took to shop: Found: Clutch messed up, nut loose inside of clutch primary spring issue u joints loose on drive shaft wear and tear on driveshaft making noise Tires wearing very bad and all four tires not straight took to shop: Found: all four wheels not adjusted for aftermarket parts causing driving issue and bad toed worn tires Large noise when backing up: took to shop: gear switch cable and holder had to reinstall and adjust but needs new one stretched torsion bars not adjusted rubbing on spring mounts causing wear Missing or broken parts: took to shop: drivers side rocker panel broken passenger side inside fender plastic broken back bumper not installed correctly falling off and rubbing and no hole to allow filling of transmission fluid broken rear deck panel so could not access back side of engine, had to pry out and order new panel with spring and latch rear panel behind rear seat missing, had to order new panel to keep water from hitting ECU steering wheel wont stay locked, adjusted the steering wheel holder Stereo will not sound even close to what it sounds like at the shop, cuts out when riding took to shop: led light bar and stereo will not work at same time blows fuses, rewire both to separate switches were all on accessory bolt in front original stereo bluetooth taken out and replaced with a entry level controller from MTX that had lowest output possible, had to replace controller with SSV works to make work stereo amp not fastened correctly just laying under dash causing spark, shutting down amp, reinstalled and rewired

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Polaris Industries Rzr Xp1000 Atv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $26500.

I didn't like: Customer service sucks.

Superstition Motorsports in Apache Junction, Arizona - Dealership Deadbeat! Worst Purchasing Experience Ever!

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Not resolved
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services

Update by user Mar 25, 2016

Their website is:

Original review posted by user Mar 23, 2016

BUYERS BEWARE! If you are even thinking about buying anything used without a manufactures warranty from this dealership then I seriously hope you think twice. They DO NOT stand by anything they sell and have NO customer service to speak of. You would hope to have peace of mind because they are a dealership and think they care about their customers and their reputation BUT THEY DON’T! Or at the least, hope that after you spend over $15,000 that what you bought actually works. After they sell you something they could care less and you are suddenly unimportant. I purchased a Polaris RZR from them and it never worked from day 1. I brought it back and they put “band-aids” to fix it for the time being so it wouldn’t cost them any money to fix what was really wrong with it. Brought it back because it still didn’t work and they said they would fix it but I had to pay for all parts. That’s because the part that was broken was a couple hundred dollars and they didn’t want to pay for it. They were EXTREMELY rude and didn’t care AT ALL about anything after the sale was made. They were nice during the sale but then flipped immediately once there was a problem and blatantly said they didn’t care and it wasn’t their problem….even though the machine never worked from the day we bought it. They would rather save a couple hundred dollars on a part than make things right with a customer. They even hung up on me twice for no reason at all. I finally ended up taking it to another dealership to fix it (who was extremely nice and very customer oriented). Cost me $500 but well worth it to know it was fixed right, is now the working machine I originally paid for and I no longer had to take abuse from Superstition Motorsports. You are better off buying something from someone on the side of the road. At least you’ll know what you are getting into and won’t have to pay sales tax. I even wrote a letter to the owner about my situation and no resonse AT ALL. BUYER BEWARE!

BTW- I have never written a review about a business before in my life but I feel I need to warn potential customers of this establishment.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Entire buying experience with them.


Batson, Texas, United States #1245024

I had the exact same experince

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